Zaha Hadid Architects(Zha)的一个惊喜的弹出画廊于11月8日在纽约开业,突出了该公司40年前在20世纪70年代开始的公司的工作范围。

适用于由相关公司开发的2,000平方英尺的艺术空间,在Zaha Hadid 520 West 28号TH.街道公寓项目高线路,展览展示了已故建筑师工作的策划,但全面的概述,以及她同名公司的持续项目。vwin德赢是正规网站吗

A large, architectural model of the surrounding building attracts the attention of passersby from the street, but this is quickly upstaged by a nearby series of sculptural ‘Silver Models’—representing such projects as the Heydar Aliyev Centre (2012) in Azerbaijan—conceived by Hadid for a 2005 exhibition at the ROVE Gallery in London. An adjacent wall features a photographic timeline of built work spanning the decades. Along the back wall, photography by Hélène Binet (presented in conjunction with the ammann//gallery, Cologne) captures the materiality and composition of the Vitra Fire Station (1993) Zaha’s first completed building in Germany and the MAXXI Museum (2009) in Rome.

在她的职业生涯中,Zaha Hadid探索了所有秤的设计和唯物性,拥抱了家具,时尚和珠宝设计中的许多相同的概念,最终导致Zaha Hadid设计(2006)。这家公司的这一相对年轻的手臂与制造商和工匠合作,以生产一系列产品。Among those on view here, the Striation rug (from a new collection for Royal Thai) celebrates Hadid’s signature use of layering and play with light and shadow, and the AVIA chandelier for Slamp takes advantage of innovative manufacturing technologies to create a dynamic play of light through 50 intricate polycarbonate layers. An more recent material investigation, the Lapella chair, reinterprets Hans J. Wegner’s 1963 lounge chair using contemporary stone tooling and carbon fiber composites.

Open most Tuesday’s through Fridays from 1pm to 6pm until December (at a date yet to be determined, and with future plans to move it to a space around the corner), the Zaha Hadid Pop-up Gallery is at once, a perfect introduction to the firms work for interested beginners, a welcome reminder of Hadid’s legacy, and an intriguing sales tool to engender the interest of potential clients.